In Durplastics we are experts in polyethylene and polypropylene products of the highest quality. Their excellent properties make them materials with infinite possibilities and multiple applications in different sectors and markets: automotive, construction, shipbuilding, chemical, food, textile, galvanizing, machinery, gears, etc.

Durplastics is a transparent company which works closely with its customers, adapting to their needs and offering a final product with the qualities that the industry needs.

We have a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and colours, in addition to offering the added value of a fast and efficient service.

We are committed to our customers and offer a personalized product that satisfies their specific needs. We currently have customers from five continents and supply more than 40 countries.


We have more than 25 years’ experience in the sector, three production centres with more than 40,000m2, and a wide range of products manufactured on different production lines.

We have a clear objective, which is to make new products, finishes and formats to meet the needs of all our customers, offering high quality, lower lead times and a competitive price.

and innovation

In Durplastics we manufacture materials using the latest technology in machinery in order to offer you all types of technical plastic products. The constant investment in our manufacturing processes generates added value in quality and optimization of production, energy efficiency and an efficient service.

Quality and

In Durplastics we offer our customers a wide variety of technical materials in different colours, thicknesses and formats. Each project we consider as a challenge with the objective of offering a comprehensive service and meeting all the expectations of our customers.

Research and development project in technological cooperation.

DURPROMAT | Development of recyclable, sustainable and safe materials that extend their useful life and increase the durability of port protections.

The main objectives are the development of thermoplastic materials capable of extending their useful life and increasing the durability of port protections. As well as the development of sustainable multilayered structures on a pilot and industrial plant scale for use in port security, in which recycled material is introduced into its composition up to a maximum of 50%, maintaining its recyclability and the evaluation of the functionality and sustainability of the prototypes at pilot plant and industrial scale.

DURPROMAT is going to impulse the challenge of implementing more sustainable plastic materials and construction systems. This project focuses on developing thermoplastic materials that are recyclable, sustainable and safe, that extend the useful life and increase the durability of port security.